Getting Married at Victory

If you'd like to be married at Victory, please read below to get started on planning your special day with us!


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reserve a date on the calendar?

Contact Victory’s scheduling coordinator, Brynna Hoban (607-962-7000), and a tentative date will be reserved for 30 days. To finalize your date, please:

  • Submit the Wedding Contract with full payment
  • Set up an appointment with the pastor who has agreed to perform the wedding
  • Submit the Bride and Groom application to the pastor performing the wedding
  • Attend Victory’s premarital class


What are the requirements for getting married at Victory?

  • Couples must attend the pre-marriage class, offered on Sundays during the fall and the winter/spring time. If extenuating circumstances prevent class attendance, other arrangements must be made based on the availability of the pastor.
  • Pastors request 6 months’ notice to allow time for counseling, the premarital class, and service planning. Couples must work with the pastor in the preparation of the ceremony.
  • Victory’s wedding coordinator must be used.
  • We ask couples to be celibate and not live together until after the wedding ceremony

A pastor reserves the right to decline, postpone or cancel a wedding at Victory if he/she feels that there are unresolved issues that could be a significant barrier to a long-lasting marriage. Issues may include emotional instability, substance abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, financial mismanagement, immaturity, spiritual incompatibility, or any other issue that may be considered detrimental to the couple. In this event, all monies will be refunded and the wedding will no longer take place at Victory. No other pastor on staff can marry a couple if another minister of the church has refused.


Is there a cost to the pre-marriage class?

There will be fees for books and resources that the facilitator deems necessary.


How does Victory handle divorce and remarriage?

We realize the issue of divorce and remarriage is highly complex. The spiritual condition of those involved, the time and circumstances of the divorce, and other considerations all affect a final decision about whether or not to proceed with a new marriage. Therefore, situations involving divorce will be dealt with on an individual basis by the pastor.

Those seeking remarriage after a divorce should be prepared to discuss the circumstances mentioned above.


Which pastor is available to perform the ceremony?

There are several pastors on staff able to officiate at weddings. You may request which pastor you prefer, and Brynna will work with you on who is available.


Can I get married at Victory by a pastor who is not on staff?

It is our general policy that one of our pastors will officiate weddings at Victory; however, exceptions to this can be approved by the lead pastor.


What about decorations for the wedding?

Decorating the facility is the bride and groom’s responsibility. The couple should discuss all decorations with the Wedding Coordinator, and décor must be attached in a way that they can be easily removed and leave no permanent mark. All requests for changes to the platform must be approved by the Worship Arts Department.

Wedding Fees

$400 – Members and Regular Attendees

$900 – Non-Members

  • Includes Wedding Coordinator and custodial, sound technician, and pianist for the wedding and rehearsal.
  • Additionally, there is a suggested pastoral honorarium of $150.

Receptions are not available onsite.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be received in writing. 100% of all paid fees will be refunded up to three months before the agreed wedding date. After this time, all fees are non-refundable. Victory reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time for any reason that the governing body deems necessary. Should the church initiate cancellation, all paid fees will be refunded.